Wine stalks briquettes

Every year vine pruning results in a huge amount of grape vine cuttings like branches and twigs. In the past most of the prunings were just burned in the field, but we have together with vineyards developed a technology to make the very best out of these resources by introducing our briquetting technology.

The prunings are collected and baled under dry conditions. The material is shredded on a special shredding line and later briquetted on our standard equipment.

Advantages of using vine prunings for briquetting

  • The briquettes from vine prunings have obvious advantages compared to most other briquettes because:
  • They can be used for barbecue. They have a pleasant aroma and give flavor to food. It is a natural and environmentally friendly fuel compared to charcoal.
  • The briquettes can be used as heating logs. The products are dense and have a high calorific value giving a long burning time and heat.
  • Finally, the briquettes can be used as industrial briquettes for heating plants and power plants.
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