0,5 t/h Loyal customer acquires 13th machine for MDF waste

Hume Doors and Timber is a 100% Australia-based and family-owned business. Since 1953 it has been servicing the Australian market with high quality doors and frames. With factories spread across Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand, Hume Doors is one of the biggest suppliers in Australia and also one of C.F Nielsen´s most loyal customers and significant collaborators. For more information, please visit www.humedoors.com.au.

During the last decade, Hume Doors has purchased briquetting lines from C.F. Nielsen for briquetting of 100% MDF dust and for mixes of solid wood and MDF. Recently Hume Doors bought another 7 BP3200, of which 4 lines are to be supplied to their factory in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Why MDF?

MDF board has become a popular alternative to particle board and solid wood alternatives. The waste from MDF, especially the dust has become a challenge for many of the manufacturers using MDF. C.F. Nielsen offers a solution that can overcome the dust problem, and simultaneously turn waste into a valuable fuel, that is easily stored, transported and used in industrial boilers. Before making briquettes, Hume Doors had high costs for transportation of the dust and high costs for the landfill.

All machines acquired are the BP3200 briquetting press producing briquettes with a diameter of 60 mm and around 500 kg per hour.

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