1,5t/h Compression of very light material

One of our customers in the U.K. wanted to replace 4 old briquetting machines with new technology. The raw material is the waste from production of Insulation panels. The raw material is extremely light weighing at only 25-30 kg per m3.

The 4 existing briquetting machines had a capacity of approx.150 kg each or a total capacity of 600 kg. Due to expansion of production capacity the customer wanted to acquire a briquetting press with enough capacity to replace the old presses and a second machine with the same capacity for further expansion and redundancy.

Found new solutions to meet our customer's needs

In order to meet this challenge we developed a hybrid briquetting press consisting of parts from our BP6510 and BP7510 briquetting presses and  with high volume screws securing the required capacity.

If you wish to see more about our case we offer the video below.
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Briquetting Press BP 6510