1,8t/h Producing fuel from rice husks

In Asia one of the largest crops is the production of rice. The rice is harvested and brought to a mill where it is prepared and packaged for consumers. During the process the husks are separated. Some of the husks are sold locally for different applications, but generally there is more waste than they can sell, so large quantities are disposed of in a non-environmental way.

Some of the rice mills are very large and one of them, Biohusk Energy, Malaysia wants to use the briquettes for industrial fuel – and they bought a BP6510 briquetting press from us, and are selling the briquettes locally as fuel.

Rice husks are dry and do not need to be down-sized. This kind of material can be feed directly into the dosing silo. However, the rice husks contain a large percentage of silica, which will be costly in wear parts. C.F. Nielsen has developed special wear parts that will increase the lifetime of the parts for this application.

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