1,3-1,5t/h Upgrading and expanding

Perssons Träteknik AB is a traditional Swedish wood planning factory producing various wooden profiles for the Swedish market and exports. In 2007 Perssons Träteknik AB bought their first mechanical briquetting press from C.F. Nielsen. The press was a BP3200 and was sold together with a 270m3 large silo. The briquettes are industrial type briquettes with a diameter 60 mm and are used for a local district heating plant.

Due to increased activities, Perssons Träteknik AB acquired their 2nd briquetting press from C.F. Nielsen in 2012. This time a BP4000, which was installed in the silo next to the BP3200 briquetting press. The BP4000 is a stronger and more sturdy press with higher capacity and in 2018 Perrsons Träteknik AB decided to exchange the 11 year old BP3200 with a new BP4000. The following photos and video show the completed upgrade of the installation, which now has a total capacity of approx. 1.3 to 1.5 tons per hour. The used BP3200 has later been renovated by C.F. Nielsen and sold to a new customer.

The installation at Perssons Träteknik AB is a good example of an installation at a customer, where the customer gains additional profit from selling briquettes from shavings for renewable energy. The plant has very low operational costs, as only minimal supervision is needed.

C.F. Nielsen Industrial Briquetting Solution 1,3-1,5t/h
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Briquetting Press BP 4000