2,5-3,0t/h Consumer briquettes (logs) - New Design

One of our customers for over 10 years, the RICHE-Group – a family owned Belgian wood-processing company, had to rebuild their factory after a fire in 2014. Before the fire they had three different briquette presses from C.F. Nielsen; however this time a more uniform consumer briquette was desired.

With the co-operation of our agent for Belgium Mr Alain DEGRAEVE, the RICHE Group bought a complete production line; 2x BP6510 briquetting presses, saw- and packing equipment, to produce softwood briquettes for the consumer market.

C.F. Nielsen tailors the process from purchase to production to the customer’s specific needs

This was also the case for the RICHE Group. We developed a customized layout of the plant, in cooperation with the RICHE Group.

The RICHE Group is now capable of producing Ø90 mm briquettes with a capacity of 2×1.25 t/h up to 24 hours a day. Combining teamwork, expertise and the RICHE Groups flexibility, we were able to start production of briquettes without any delays.

Learn more about the Riche case in the video below:
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