250kg/h Briquetting of silver skin/chaf from coffee production

Danish coffee supplier, BKI foods a/s bought the BP2010-2510 in order to turn their waste product into value. During the roasting process, the silver skin and chaf are being separated from the coffee beans, from which they now produce briquettes.
After production the briquettes are exported for The Netherlands and will be used in biogas plants.

BKI Foods A/S has a very strong CSR policy and are continously looking for ways to use environmentally solutions in their production. For instance, the packaging used for the finished product is made from recycled plastic.
Another green initiative is making briquettes; the densified waste product is easily stored, it reduces the volume, saving transport cost when sending trucks to The Netherlands. Fewer truck loads minimize the Co2 emissions substantially.

Jacob Bloch, Technical Manager at BKI Foods a/s says: “It was a very very smooth process – we contacted the Sales Department and we made an agreement that we would send a sample for C.F. Nielsen and they made a test with our product in order to see how it would act on their machine. So before they could promise anything, they would like to see the product. There has been good communication with the Sales Department all the way, and also in the next step with the Project Department for the machine“.

250kg/h Producing coffee briquettes from silver skin
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