3,5-4,0 t/h Mobile briquette presses for different types of raw material

A mobile briquette press makes sense, if the raw material is to be found in numerous sites. Our Ethiopian customer Metals and Engineering Corporation (Metec) has had 3 different versions of our mobile briquette solution delivered. A BP3200, a BP 5000 and a BP6510, with capacities ranging from 500 kg to 2.000 kg per hour.

The 3 presses will be placed in different sites and will be working with various types of wood and agricultural wastes, ranging from sawdust, wood logs, and invasive bushes to rice husks, coffee husks, peanut shells and bagasse. If raw material gets scarse in one location, the advantage with the mobile briquette presses is that it easily can be moved to a better location.

Training of workers has just taken place and now they are ready to move the briquette presses to the different locations in Ethiopia and start operation.

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Briquetting Press BP 3200
Briquetting Press BP 5000
Briquetting Press BP 6510