3,5 t/h straw briquettes for biogas plant on sheppey island, uk

Together with our partner Kinetic Biofuel, we have developed a technology where we can use briquettes from straw in biogas or bioethanol plants.

The mechanical pre-treatment and high pressure of the briquetting presses create small steam explosions that changes the structure of the straw so that it can absorb 7-10 times more than normal straw, enabling the briquettes to be absorbed quickly in a biogas reactor.

The benefit?
Here’s an example:

A biogas plant, which uses 100.000 tons of slurry and produce 2.5 million m3, can with this technology and feeding of 10.000 ton of straw per year produce approximately 6.5 million m3 of biogas. 

One of our customers in the UK, Malcolm McAllister from the company Sheppey Energy Limited has recently installed two of our briquetting presses in order to increase efficiency and gas production per tonne of straw.

Malcolm McAllister from Sheppey Energy Ltd., says: “Rather than using straw in its raw form, the uniformity of the briquettes aids the digestion process inside the plant, helping to increase efficiency and gas production per tonne of straw“.

Interested in learning more about briquettes for biogas production?

Feel free to contact us or our partner Kinetic Biofuel.