Briquettes from peatnut shells for cooking

One of our customers in Gambia, Africa – Greentech Environmental Solutions – has a general interest in environmental solutions, and has taken many initiatives in this respect.

Greentech observed that large amounts of peanut shells were thrown away as waste. At the same time fuel for cooking were based on wood and charcoal and cooking stoves were old fashioned.

Greentech acquired a BPU3200 briquetting unit from us and today produces briquettes with a diameter of 60 mm. The briquettes are used for cooking and Greentech have developed new cooking stoves for briquettes.

Peanut shells are dry and do not need to be down-sized. This kind of material can be feed directly into the dosing silo of the briquetting press, so no other investment than the briquetting press is needed.

If you wish to see more about our Green Tech Gambia case we offer the video below
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