Extruded briquettes in Paraguay

C.F. Nielsen has a 3-4 year long co-operation with Charcoal Cowboys, which has involved everything from new developments, carbonization tests, to engineering and delivery of a new state of the art 1,5t/h briquetting line for extruded briquettes for carbonization. The raw material for the line consists of eucalyptus logs and the line includes equipment for chipping, drying, milling and briquetting combined with materials handling and cyclone and filter systems. After production the biomass briquettes will be carbonized and sold for barbeque internationally on the Jealous Devil brand.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the installation of the plant was delayed as our engineers had to come back to Europe at the beginning of March. We decided to send them back in September starting with 14 days of quarantine! Our Briquetting Expert Zeljko Cumbo and our Engineer Aleksandar Vitez worked really hard and was able to hand over the production to Charcoal Cowboys during November 2020.

1,5t/h briquetting line for extruded briquettes for carbonization

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