World leading manufacturer of MDF and Fibre board plates has chosen CFN for several factories

A new customer in Eastern Europe came to us, wanting to briquette their MDF dust and fibre board waste from panel production. It is one of the largest manufacturers with more than 40 production sites globally.

So far, we have helped this customer with their waste issues at 6 locations and we expect more to come. During the production of MDF and fiber board, there are often large amounts of waste coming from the chipping and screening process. At the same time reject fibers and dust from the saw and from sanding can also be used in the briquette production.

The challenge

Many production sites of MDF and / or fibre boards, are experiencing enormous amounts of wastes coming out from the production daily and normally the waste materials will be used in the furnace giving energy to the production process. But in some cases, it can be difficult to control burning of dust and get a stable temperature. In other cases, the amount of waste in energy is higher than what is needed. Instead of having to waste the surplus, the customer decided to turn their waste into value, by briquetting their dust in order to store the briquettes, when further energy is needed.

Briquettes used for own energy need in production

With a capacity exceeding 1000kg/hour, this customer was advised to purchase the BP5510, a standard solution for MDF. Every day, this company is able to produce and burn their own MDF dust briquettes due to up-to-date boilers and professional equipment for smoke purification and that way still comply with environmental legislation and limits for air pollution.

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