Hydraulic Briquetting Presses

Different hydraulic briquetting systems are now provided by our sister company Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. RUF has got a large range of hydraulic briquetting presses, suitable for making briquettes from wood, biomass, metal and numerous other remnants.The throughput rates of wood and biomass machines vary between 30 kg and 1,500 kg per hour. Used compression technics are the form press and the shutter press.

In a standard hydraulic briquetting press (form press), the raw material takes place in a hopper. Via an agitator and a screw conveyor the material is transported to a pre-compacter, which precompresses the raw material. After that, the main piston pushes the pre-compressed material into one of the two press chambers in the die and compresses the material into its final state and required density. During this process the ejectors, which are fixed parallel to the main press piston, push out the ready briquette from the second press chamber through ejector holes in the front plate. The pre-charger cylinder moves upward again. Then the feeding screw starts with the next charge. The press mould changes. The run continues.

For more information about Hydraulic Briquetting Systems, please contact our colleagues at www.briquetting.com