Briquette weighing unit

This unique option for our BS 350 briquette saw is based on actual customer requirements for optimal utilization of the available raw material.

The BW 350 check-weighing system has the following features:

  • Checks the weight of each briquette.
  • Calculates average weight of the last 10 briquettes.
  • Automatic briquette length adjustment on BS350 Saw based on input from optional BW-350 weighing system
  • Maintains the requested package weight within +/-1% High return on investment
  • Increase your profit 2-5% based on full utilization of your raw material
  • Important options for the saw: Length and breakage control, electronic adjustments of briquette length and check-weighing system ensuring exact weight of each briquette/package.

The length of the briquette can be adjusted in the standard saw with electronic length adjustment from 220 to 370 mm.

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