Discharge unit

The Silo discharge unit is sold in combination with large steel silos with 150-300 m3 net volume. The silo discharge unit is placed in a special deck inside the large silo, and the briquetting presses are placed below the deck with the discharge unit feeding raw material direct into the briquetting presses. The whole system is optimized and can replace a special building for the briquetting presses.

The discharge unit will be delivered fitted with two silo augers run by forced operation using an instantaneous motor. The rotational direction of the silo auger is the reverse of the direction of motion inside the silo. This prevents possible accumulation of raw material at the bottom of the silo.

In order to avoid the accumulation of raw material, the silo roller is fitted with a PCU control. The power consumption of the roller motor is measured continuously. This value is controlling the start/stop of the rotor.

Other features

Furthermore, the discharge unit has the following features:
• Optimized start-up sequence: The auger running backward 10 sec. to release them from the raw material. Then the hole discharge unit is also rotated backwards a little to ensure no sudden grip in raw material thus overloading the system. All timers can easily be adjusted to fit current raw material.
• Motion program: Each hour the auger is turned to ensure that the auger is always loose. Prevent stacking/packing of raw material around the augers.
• All settings can be monitored and adjusted from the "Touch Screen". If the system is equipped with old PLC control box the settings can be adjusted from a small touch screen.
• All bearings inside the Silo is equipped with automatic lubrication system for 2 years of operation.
• For the dosing silo we need 3 level sensors. One level sensor for starting the dosing. One level sensor to stop the dosing, and the last sensor for stopping the presses before the silo is empty
• Dosing Screws to be mounted underneath the silo for conveyance of raw material from silo to briquette presses.
• Extension of control panel for press for operation of motors for dosing plant

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