C.F. Nielsen also affected by the Corona virus - Updated January 27th 2022


C.F. Nielsen also affected by the Corona virus - updated 27.01.2022!

Starting February 1st 2022:

The Danish Government are constantly implenting new guidelines, which all companies have to comply with:

  • Grocery shopping and pharmacies are open
  • All primary schools for grade 0-9 are open
  • All daycare facilities for small children are open
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars are open ( No Covid-19 passport or face masks are required)
  • Haidressers are open
  • Indoor concert venues, theaters and cinemas, sporting events are open
  • Bars & discos all have normal opening hours

Rules for entering Denmark

You must take a test before you travel to Denmark

The test must be a maximum of 48 hours with a rapid antigen test or 72 hours with a PCR test at the time of entry.

You must take a test even if you are vaccinated – but not if you are previously infected.

Exemptions from the general requirement to take a test before entering Denmark are for instance:

  • Children under 15 years of age
  • Persons residing in border regions entering Sweden from transit from Bornholm without residence in Sweden
  • Persons entering for the purpose of freight transport
  • Persons in transit through Denmark departing within 24 hours of entry (e.g. Swedish air travellers who use Denmark as a hub).

For more information go to coronasmitte.dk

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