Consumer Wood Briquettes 4-500 kg/h

Consumer wood briquettes are the ideal products for replacing traditional firewood. Since the end of the 90’s, the demand for consumer wood briquettes used for home heating systems, fireplaces and wood burning stoves have increased. Driven by the global focus on renewable energy, this demand is still growing. Compared to alternatives, briquettes are both convenient, profitable and sustainable.

With our briquetting machines, your waste will be turned into valuable renewable energy. In collaboration with our sister company RUF Briquetting System, we offer a wide range of customized solutions and a full line of consumer briquetting machines varying from low to very high capacities.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have specialized in mechanical briquetting. We offer high capacity lines ranging from 4-500 kg/hour and upwards, corresponding to wood waste of approximately 1.000 tonnes per year and more.

Consumer wood briquettes with briquet-ting machines

For consumer briquettes we offer everything from semi-structural economic solutions to high capacity briquetting machines. With the capacity of 4-500 kg/hour, the specialized extrusion briquette machines produce very high-density briquettes.

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The primary benefits of consumer logs are threefold

Very strong high-density briquettes
Total line concept
Ideal for carbonization