RDF/SRF briquettes

RDF (Refuse-derived fuel) or SRF (solid recovered fuel / specified recovered fuel) is waste from households, where SRF meets an international standard and is becoming a more interesting fuel. Governments are increasing fees for landfill, which makes the fuel interesting as it is considerably cheaper than other biomass.

Together with a customer we have tested SRF over a long period of time, and generally SRF is a difficult raw material to densify – with higher opex and capex costs than normal biomass. It is C.F. Nielsen’s recommendation that SRF should be mixed with another raw material such as demolition wood, because this will increase the capacity of the machines and lower the costs. A diameter of 60 mm or above will increase capacity even more.

SRF generally has higher moisture than 16% and a high degree of impurities. It is essential that the right preparation takes place before briquetting the material