MDF briquetting solutions

MDF as a material is widely used in many industries, both in building, furniture production, cabinetry and much more, producing boards, doors, architraves, and skirting, etc. This means that our MDF-briquetting solution is a relevant waste management solutions for most industries applying MDF in their production.

Usually, the waste product from MDF processing is disposed of instead of being recycled or converted into other products. This comes with high costs for the MDF manufacturers, both economically and environmentally, as MDF waste needs to be collected and transported away from the production plant. MDF waste in dust form also poses a hazard issue regarding dust explosions.

At C.F. Nielsen, we offer you sustainable MDF briquetting solutions, that recycle the MDF waste into briquettes that can be sold for profit or used as fuel for industrial boilers in your factory. This is a sustainable and cost-effective solution, as well as a safety measure for you, your company, and your employees.

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MDF briquettes - The safer choice

The processing of MDF into finished products generates a lot of dust in the process. This is a frequent problem for many MDF production companies around the world, due to the high risk of dust explosions that cause severe injuries for employees in factories every year, as well as large material damages.

When you choose to convert the dust from the MDF processing into briquettes, you will not only remove the dust problem from the production areas in your factory, thereby also removing the risk of dust explosions, but you will also meet the ATEX standards. This will provide you and your employees with a much healthier and safer work environment.

Other dust generating materials can also be converted into fuel briquettes, mainly for industrial use. ATEX-standards are valid for all dust-generating production; thus, an adapted briquetting solution will aid in ensuring health and safety regulations, while you also get a cost-effective solution. At C.F. Nielsen we offer advisory engineering for a uniquely adapted solution for your industry.

Choose a sustainable solution and save expenses

Aside from the safety benefits that come from recycling your MDF waste instead of disposing of it, MDF briquetting is also a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for you and your company:

On-site production of MDF briquettes for industrial fuel may offer you a profit rather than an expense for waste management. Converting your MDF waste with one of our MDF briquetting solutions, you either have the option of selling your briquettes, or to use them for fuel in your own industrial boilers. This is a sustainable solution which also may save you and your company a lot of money every year.

By converting the MDF dust into briquettes instead of disposing of it, you will reduce the volume of MDF waste to 500-600 kg. for every m3, which will also save you the landfill costs.

In addition to this, you will also save transport costs that come with waste disposal. When you save this entry, you will also spare the environment and thereby decrease the environmental footprint of your company in addition to reducing waste production.

Simply put, MDF briquetting is a sustainable, cost-effective, and safe solution for you and your company.

Why are C.F. Nielsen briquetting solutions the right choice for my company?

At C.F. Nielsen, we offer you customer-specific briquetting solutions adapted to your factory layout as well as your existing equipment. This means that you will always get the solution from us that is best suited for your company, both regarding your needs and your space capacity.

Usually, the raw material from MDF waste is too dry for briquetting, entailing only 6-8 % moisture. Our MDF briquetting solutions come with a mixer that increases the moisture content of the raw material with up to 10 % so that it can be used for briquetting.

If your company processes other materials in addition to MDF, it is also possible to get a customized solution that allows you to mix MDF with other raw materials in the briquetting process. This is a very effective solution that will also save you space as well as time in the briquetting process, so that you can focus more on the main tasks of your company.

Start your briquetting adventure with C.F. Nielsen today and save money and space while you also spare the environment and provide your employees with a safer and healthier work environment.