Customer cases for MDF

C.F. Nielsen has a long experience with briquetting. Most of the plants have been delivered to customers using wood-based raw material. We have many satisfied customers and some machines have been in operation for more than 30 years. But over the years, the type of residues our customers wish to briquette has changed drastically. We still supply numerous briquetting solutions for wood, but as the client base expands geographically the needs cahnge too. We are experiencing more and more requests for MDF solutions and other types of dusts, which has resulted in sustainable custom made MDF solutions only offered by C.F. Nielsen.

In the following you can read about some of the customer cases for MDF and other types of dusts.

The main benefits from making this type of briquettes are:

  1. Converting briquettes into process energy
  2. Removing dust and explosion risks- meeting ATEX standards
  3. Saving landfill costs