MDF Briquetting - 800 kg/h +

At C.F. Nielsen, you will find a variety of solutions developed for briquetting waste from MDF-production. We can provide you with sawdust briquette press machines that are suited for high capacities of MDF waste over 800 kg/hour. Our solutions are automated and customized to suit all kinds of low moisture dust, such as sawdust and MDF waste. You can use your briquettes as fuel for industrial boilers in your production plant, or you can sell them for profit. Furthermore, by turning the sawdust from your MDF-based production into valuable fuel, you will also remove the risk of dust explosions in your factory and be able to meet the European ATEX standards.

Create value from your waste and meet the ATEX standards

Operating a MDF-based production will inevitably create large amounts of dust, which can be very dangerous for the people that work at the production plant. Aside from the dangers of inhaling the small dust particles, large amounts of dust can also create hazardous dust clouds, which can create explosions by a single spark.

Our briquetting solution will turn dangerous and health-hazardous dust waste material into solid and much more manageable briquettes, which can be used to fuel industrial boilers. Thereby, you will avoid dust explosions, and your company will meet the ATEX standards. As a bonus, you will also create value from your MDF waste, as you can use the briquettes to fuel industrial boilers within your factory, or you can sell them for profit. Furthermore, by converting the MDF waste into briquettes with a sawdust briquette press, the dust will also be easier to handle if you need it to be outsourced and transported, saving you transportation costs.

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Main features for MDF briquetting +800 kg/h

Turning risky raw material into value
Customized solutions to all kinds of low moisture dusts
Automated – high capacity solutions

Customized solutions for any factory layout

We can engineer customized solutions for any factory layout by combining our sawdust briquette presses with mixers, water addition, and multiple silos, if necessary. We will always accommodate the needs of the individual company, and we can provide wood dust briquetting solutions for customers with dust volumes from 2000 tons per year and up.

We offer solutions for dust from MDF, OSB and particle boards, as well as sander dust, chips and other wood dust types. The final dust briquette is dense with a high calorific burn value.

In order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions at all times, we work closely with our existing customers. This enables us to establish solutions and layouts, that fit their requirements.

MDF waste and other types of dust do typically have very low moisture content, around 4-6 %. When you combine one of our briquetting presses with mixers and add water, the wood dust briquetter will turn the dust into high density briquettes. Our sawdust briquette presses produce MDF-based briquettes at 75 mm in diameter, and the lengths of the briquettes will vary from 20 mm to 75 mm.

When you need to process large quantities of MDF waste of over 800 kg/h, we can recommend some of our high capacity presses:

  • BP5510
  • BP6510

These briquetting presses are the mechanical presses with the highest capacity in the industry. The high capacity is ensured through the double infeed system and the control system. The presses are very strong, and they are both equipped with all necessary features for handling sawdust from MDF and other wood-based productions. They can be delivered with many options, depending on the customer's needs. Furthermore, the systems of these presses can even be integrated with your SCADA systems or similar.

The high capacity and uptime combined with customized solutions and our advanced briquetting control systems secure the lowest-cost production in the industry.