Briquetting with MDF - under 800 kg/h

Smaller scale productions also have the option to convert MDF dust and offcuts into fuel briquettes for industrial use with our top of the line briquetting process - either to be marketed or used in local production boilers. We offer solutions for customers with dusts volumes from 500 tons per year. C.F. Nielsen offers several smaller units; BPU2510, BPU4000 and BPU 5000 presses are all standardized briquetting units, which are easy to install and adaptable to small and medium sized factory layouts. The units can handle all types of dust with low moisture content for briquetting. We offer briquetting machines for producing less than 800kg/h and offer both engineering advice as well as installment and services.

Our briquetting presses are combined with the needed full line for turning dust into a high-density briquette. We offer all needed machinery for the full line set-up as well as engineering advice, installments and service to combine with your existing production lines.

Our smaller presses are all standardized briquetting units, which are easy to install and adaptable to all factory layouts. The units can handle MDF and other types of dust with low moisture content and turn them into briquettes. Furthermore, we offer the addition of a cooling line to transport the briquettes to containers or other forms of intermediary storage before being fed into the boiler.

We are experts in briquetting, and we are happy to help you find the best solution for your company.

MDF solution advantages

There are many advantages to using MDF dust as a raw material for briquetting. A briquetting line will make it easier for manufacturers to dispose of their dust material safely and cheaply compared to the traditional ways of dust disposal. These advantages are similar, whether your production is large- or small scale. Some advantages of the MDF solution from C.F. Nielsen are:

  • A briquetting solution will turn possibly dangerous and health hazardous dust waste material into a manageable product. This eliminates the danger of dust explosions in the production area and meets Atex standards.
  • Briquettes create savings on the disposal of the dust waste material and provides fuel. This adds value and saves money in energy spend.
  • When the dust is briquetted, it is turned into valuable fuel. The bulk density is increased to 500-600 kg per m3. This makes it easier to manage the briquettes, both in regards to storage, transport and feeding them into a boiler.
  • Making use of a briquetting system for dust raw material saves many expenses for landfills in disposal of the dust. Also, briquetting gives incitament to profits, when the briquettes are used for industrial fuel.
  • Our briquetting solutions for MDF material is highly customizable, which makes for great possibilities for our individual clients. We have standard solutions with mixers, water addition and briquetting solutions for customers with dust volumes from 500 tons to 5000 tons a year. The solutions can produce briquettes which are 50, 60 or 75 mm in diameter with a varying length from 20 mm to 75 mm. The varying briquette size can be produced at any scale of production we offer.
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Main features for MDF briquetting

Turning risky raw material into value
Standardized customer solutions to all kinds of low moisture dusts
Perfect solutions for boilers and logistics

MDF for briquetting

MDF is a widely used material in the production of boards, kitchen cabinets, furniture, doors, architraves and skirting etc. The processing of MDF into finished products generates a lot of dust through sanding, cutting and other treatment, even in smaller productions. These very fine dust particles may also cause many challenges at smaller productions. The risk of dust explosions and health risks for workers in the production does not disappear with smaller scale production and dealing with waste and dust may be expensive and complex in a medium to small scale facility.

MDF dust usually comes with a high cost for disposal as well as transport. This cost can put a significant impact in the bottomline for medium to small manufacturers. Converting this expense into an income generating product, may have a significant impact on the total economy. As a medium to small-scale manufacturer it is also possible to convert MDF dust and offcuts to fuel briquettes for industrial use.

Briquetting other dust particles in smaller scale productions

Other types of dust such as sanding dust, filter dust and small fines create similar problems to those of MDF dust because of the fine raw material. These types of dust can also be compressed into fuel briquettes at a smaller scale from under 800kg/h - with a level of dust and other waste from 500 tons per year we offer briquettings solutions for your production.

What characterizes many of the wood-based dusts is their low moisture levels, which often ranges from 2% - 7%, which requires addition of water. If water is not added to the raw material, the danger of sudden MDF explosions is significantly higher. Our briquetting systems for producing under 800 kg/h combined with mixers offers both standard and customized solutions for customers who want to avoid dust problems. We can help our customers to turn their dangerous waste into a densified product that can easily be stored, transported and used for fuel. The bulk density is increased to 500-600 kg/m3 through the briquetting process, turning the dust into valuable fuel. This minimizes storage and makes transport and feeding into a boiler much easier and far more economical.

MDF solutions - What are the options?

At C.F. Nielsen, we are experts in briquetting, and we pride ourselves in gaining knowledge about many types of raw materials for briquetting. Also, we strive to produce solutions that can handle many different types of raw materials with profitable results for our clients, including clients with smaller to medium sized productions.

We offer several presses that are applicable for a production of MDF briquettes.