BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press

C.F. Nielsen now offers the new BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press to complement the product range of mechanical briquetting presses. The press is equipped with an advanced control system that allows internet access. It is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function via an internet connection. All operation texts and failure notices can be shown in up to 16 languages. The log function is an important tool for analyzing and improving the briquetting process. Relay based control panel can be delivered as an alternative.

The BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press is sold for medium sized professional users and most types of wood and agricultural based raw materials can be used without adding a binder. The briquettes are typically used as consumer briquettes/logs for fireplaces and wood burning stoves. The briquettes are normally produced in a size of 62×62 mm with a length of 200 mm. Other sizes are optional.

Download the BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press brochure.


Extruded briquettes for carbonization

The BPE SHIMADA is a briquetting press specialized to produce very dense biomass briquettes, which can be carbonized and sold as high quality carbonized briquettes.

In order to produce a good briquette on the BPE Shimada Briquetting Press you will need a moisture content of 6-8% and particles between 2-6 mm.

The Press is mounted on base frame with 45 Kw motor and drive assembly and includes a 1.1kw automatic screw feeder with variable speed control and Electrical Control panel and locking spanner.  All fully pre-wired and test run prior to shipment. The press is delivered with an interconnecting smoke hood and a saw. Other options are available.

The dies and the tooling include Press Pipe Heat Tube, 3 Bushes (Taper Tungsten, SUS and FCD Tempered), Change Guide Pipe, Fixed Guide Pipe, Negative Taper Screw, Positive Screw, Draw Rod, Washers, and 2 Electric Ceramic Heater Bands.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Compact press with saw
  • Can be delivered as stand-alone or unit including briquetting press, buffer silo, dosing system and control panel
  • Easy installation and start up
  • Very dense and strong briquettes
  • Possible to carbonize briquettes
  • 3-5 shift operations
Technical specifications
BPE Shimada
Briquette size – mm nominel
Ø62x62x200 mm
Main motor – with softstart
45 kW
Capacity range
Size - m
Weight app. (kg)
app.1000 kg
  • Screw type briquette press can produce biomass briquettes with higher compaction, but it also has a high energy consumption for the process compared to mechanical presses.
  • After feeding, the material is conveyed to the briquette forming head by a revolving screw shaft driven by an electrical motor.
  • The screw shaft is the main part of biomass briquette press. The screw distance become smaller and smaller along the screw shaft to briquette forming head. With the decreasing screw distance, the material endures higher and higher pressure. Because of the shaft, there is a hole left in the center of biomass briquette column
  • Screw presses are usually available with capacity from 75 to 500 kg/h
  • Because of the high friction the mechanical wear on the screw press is high.
  • Due to the high density the briquettes are usually used for consumer logs with a long burning time. The high density also makes the briquettes suitable for carbonization