Briquetting Press Units BPU2010-6510

Our range of Briquetting Press Units are self-contained units, including a mechanical briquette press with small buffer silo, dosing screw and touch screen control panel.  All Briquetting Press Units are equipped with an advanced control system that allows internet access. It is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function via an internet connection. All operation texts and failure notices can be shown in up to 16 languages. The log function is an important tool for analyzing and improving the briquetting process. The range includes models BP2010 through BP6510.

The units are compact in design, easy to commission and easy to relocate and still include all the features of a normal briquetting press. The Units are standard and optimized and is a more economical solution.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Compact unit including, briquetting press, buffer silo, dosing system and control panel.
  • Flexible die system.
  • Optional mixer for adding moisture to the raw material.
  • Easy running in – Factory tested with your raw material.
  • Easy installation – Ready for start-up.
  • Easy to move to another location.
  • Sturdy design – Suitable for running 2-3 shift operation.
  • Easy to service and low maintenance costs
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Model Briquette size – mm nominel Main motor – with softstart Capacity range (kg/hour)* Buffer silo volume Weight app. - tons Dimensions (BxHxL) mm
BP3200 Ø60 mm 22 kW 400-600 6 m3 9,5 Standard 20 ft. containers
BPU4000 Ø60 mm 30 kW 600-750 6 m3 10 Standard 20 ft. containers
BPU5000 Ø75 mm 37 kW 900-1200 6 m3 10,5 Standard 20 ft. containers
BPU5510 Ø75 mm 45/55 kW 900-1400** 6 m3 11 Standard 20 ft. containers
BPU6510 Ø90 mm 55-75kW 1200-2300** 6 m3 11,5 Standard 20 ft. containers