Succesful upgrade of technology


Succesful upgrade of technology

One of our customers in Sweden, Olle Dahl Såg, had 3 old W75 briquetting presses producing 75 mm industrial briquettes. The capacity of the 3 presses were approx. 700 kg/h per press. The presses were equipped with 55 kW main motors, resulting in a total power consumption of approx. 115 kW or approx. 55 kW per ton produced.

As the presses were old our customer wanted to replace them, which we did by installing 2 BP5510 Briquetting Presses, with a capacity each of 1.200 kg/h per press. The BP5510’s are equipped with 45 kW main motors resulting in a total power consumption of approx. 65 kW or approx. 30 kW per ton produced. The change resulted in less space requirement, higher capacity, and lower operational costs.

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