Waste Wood Grade A for Briquette Machines

With waste wood grade A for briquette machines, clean waste wood materials such as sawdust can be used for valuable fuel. Where most consumer briquettes are made from clean wood with low ash content, waste wood serves as a profitable and sustainable alternative.

In industrialized countries, the demand for biomass raw material is increasing, causing prices to rise. As a result, consumers are looking for alternatives. With a briquetting machine waste wood such as old pallets, sawdust and similar types of materials, waste becomes a valuable resource rather than an expense.

C.F. Nielsen has specialized in briquetting machines, turning waste wood such as sawdust into renewable energy. Some of our most successful projects stems from our customers using waste for briquetting, ultimately profiting from waste while maintaining a sustainable production.

Wood waste briquetting machines

In Europe, there are strict regulations for which raw materials can be regarded as biomass. In addition, most consumers prefer clean wood with low content of ash. The increasing demands and rising prices make waste wood the ideal alternative. Waste wood such as sawdust, chips and sander dust can be processed in a briquetting machine, turning it into valuable fuel.

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The three primary benefits of grade A wood are

High density briquettes from waste wood (i.e. sawdust)
High quality briquettes for high-end purposes
State of the art technology with high precision in all parts of the process

High density briquettes from waste wood

Waste such as sawdust, scrap pallets and cable drums make the ideal materials for briquettes with densities between 1,0 and 1,2. For large scale production, the BP6510 mechanical press holds the highest capacity in the industry. The capacity is ensured through the double infeed system and control system.

The briquette machine is robust with the latest design. Furthermore, it can be delivered with many options with different saws and packaging lines, ranging from semi-industrial to automatic lines.

Briquetting Press BP6510

High quality briquettes

The high capacity of the line ensures an even higher output. The briquette machine for grade A waste is ideal for companies with waste raw material from 2000 to 8000 tonnes per year. The high capacity combined with the possibility for remote access secures high efficiency and stable up-time.

The double infeed system combined with a large main motor and a unique control system makes it possible to produce an even log without flaws. Each briquette is identical in both density and weight, with a density from 1,0-1,2. The lengths of briquettes can vary from 200 to 300 mm in diameters of 90 mm. The products are packaged in shrink wrapped packages of 10 kg.

State of the art technology

The state of the art briquette machines produce a consumer wood briquette with high density with a diameter of Ø90 mm with or without a hole in the middle. Alternatively, the briquette is a 75x75 mm square. The Ø90 is the best selling product made on a mechanical briquette machine, ensuring a great market potential.

The heavy-duty press, the control system and the fact that the press is easy to service makes it possible to produce briquettes from waste 24/7. The Siemens PLC control system is user-friendly and has a logbook function, which makes it possible to optimize production, even with remote access.