Waste Wood Grade B

For briquette presses, waste wood grade B is the ideal material for turning waste into renewable industry energy. Due to the low ash content, clean wood is typically used for industrial briquettes. Wood with low ash content is prefered in Europe, where there are strict regulations for which raw materials that can be regarded as biomass and used in industrial boilers.

The demand for biomass raw material is increasing in industrialized countries. As a result, the price is increasing radically, causing customers to look for alternative types of raw material. At C.F. Nielsen, some of our most successful projects involve our customers using waste wood in our briquette presses. With grade B wood, it is possible to turn waste into valuable renewable energy for industries.

Waste wood grade B for briquetting solutions

Grade B waste wood can be sorted, cleaned for impurities and metal pieces, and used in special boilers. The process in the briquette press turns the material into valuable briquettes, ideal for renewable energy in industries.

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Among the core benefits of grade B wood, you will obtain

Automated briquetting lines for grade B wood with high capacities
Perfect solution for utilizing waste for industrial boilers
Economical solution with fast results

Automated briquetting lines

The high capacity and automated lines ensure a high output and is ideal for industries that produce 5000 tonnes of waste wood per year or more. The high capacity combined with the possibility for remote access secures high efficiency and up-time for the briquette press.

The BP5510 is the ideal mechanical press for grade B wood. The briquette press produces a briquette with a diameter of 75 mm. The capacity is ensured through the double infeed system and control system. The press is robust and we have a long list of references where waste wood grade B have been implemented successfully for industrial fuel.

Utilizing waste wood for industrial boilers

The briquettes are mostly utilized for industrial boilers for the purpose of producing heat and steam. In order to produce briquettes from demolition wood, it requires a high-quality standard and pre-treatment. Prior to the briquetting process, the material needs to be sorted and cleaned for impurities and metal pieces. The briquettes can be produced in sizes with a diameter of 75 mm or 90 mm. Furthermore, they can be produced as pucks or briquettes with a length of 50-100 mm.

The process of briquetting waste wood combined with high capacity briquetting lines ensures a profitable and holistic solution for obtaining circular economy for industrial use.

Economical Solution

Using grade B as raw material causes high wear on machinery and for the purpose, we have developed special wear parts such as dies, pistons and compression screws. These are either produced from special steel, have undergone a special hardening process or a special surface treatment.

The combination of qualities such as high capacities of the press, the high degree of automatization, the engineered special solutions combined with our advanced briquetting press control system secures low waste, low operating costs and high up-time. Ultimately, you will obtain the lowest cost with grade B waste wood for briquette presses.